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High Profile: This classic shaped pillow suites back and side sleepers amd especially those who prefer to indulge with a soft and luxourious feel.


Low Profile: This class shaped pillow will suit stomach sleepers and tho who are relitively small framed who enjoy a medium feel.


Contour: This contur pillow is for that who enjoy an ergonomically shaped profile that contours to the head and neck. This pillow is ideal for side sleepers.

Pillows are essential for us, we simply can’t sleep comfortably without a pillow.

Copper pillows have many benefits that standard pillows simply cannot give us, our Invigorate By Therapy World Memory Pillows provide maximum support as the memory foam contours to your head and neck and are available in high profile, low profile or contoured.


Each pillow supports correct sleeping posture allowing the back and neck muscles to relax and enjoy a perfect nights sleep. 

Made from pure Belgium memory foam, infused with natural element copper and added cool ice foam technology ensuring a restful night sleep all year round.


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But Why Copper?

Incorporating the copper elements into the pillows gives them additional thickness and firmness yet keeps them springy.

So, when you sleep, the pillow will help keep your posture aligned, providing you with adequate neck support and ensuring that you start a morning with no aches or pains.


Copper boosts copper levels for those battling anemia and low red blood cells, keeping you healthy and ready to fight internal diseases that damage your immune system. Copper also reduces joint stiffness, aches, and pains commonly associated with arthritis and rheumatism. Copper also aids in collagen production and can stimulate the system to overcome problems that cause skin conditions and rashes. 


The element copper is popular in the world of skincare because of its anti-aging characteristics.

These high quality belgium memory foam pillows contain microscopic particles, working by delivering ions to your skin.

As a result, they help with collagen production, improving elasticity and reducing the growth of wrinkles and lines on your face. A study suggested that consistent contact with copper oxide-filled textiles like pillowcases considerably reduces skin sagging and wrinkles while enhancing elasticity.

Smart Temp Technology

❄️ COOLS you when you're hot

♨️ WARMS you when you're cold

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