Turn to Copper for a Naturally Cool and Clean Sleep


This high density Copper infused 10" memory foam mattress offers full body support & comfort, cradling the natural curvature of the body to promote correct spinal alignment


Copper is an essential nutrient in our body, that offers health benefits that allow you to recover faster from sporting activity and help reduce inflammation/arthritis. Not only is it beneficial for our bodies it also helps keep heat and germs away from your mattress. This is why we developed a way to include copper within our mattresses. By including copper, we can offer a cool, clean and healthy sleeping environment.


Recover Faster

Copper can improve blood flow by maintaining iron levels within your blood and reduce the buildup of lactic acid in your muscles. Also, copper is essential in forming collagen within your body which helps with the healing process for bones and connective tissue. this allows your body to recover fast for activity while you sleep at night.



Copper can reduce inflammation and arthritis due to it being essential in the formation of connective tissue in your body. Copper strengthens the support structures within you muscle system relieving you of sore and swollen joints. This helps reduce inflammation and arthritis think of how copper bracelets and copper socks help athletes with their joint pain.


Infusions Copper

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