The Reverie 9T adjustable base combines a stylish look and cutting-edge features with individual lumbar functionality, giving you 100 discrete points of lumbar support which allows you to fine-tune the support of your spine. Combined with Bluetooth compatibility, allowing you to connect your bed to our Reverie Nightstand app and access bonus features like smart alarms, the 9T is able to meet your every comfort need and more.



  • Head and foot adjustability.
  • Individual lumbar functionality. 
  • 3D-Wave™ massage technology with four waves modes
  • Full-body massage with 10 intensity levels.
  • Two (2) corner retainer bars included.
  • Wall-Snuggler® design keeps bedside tables within reach.
  • LED night light to guide your way.
  • 385 kg weight capacity.
  • Automatic safety stop upon weight overload.
  • Power-down feature in the event of power loss.



  • Grey upholstered top with beautiful hard-body side rails on bottom.3-in-1 leg design for customizable bed heights (8.25”, 5.25” and 3”)
  • Fits most modern bed frames and headboards.
  • Headboard brackets included.
  • Wireless charging pad included with USB ports for charging remote.



  • Bluetooth® Wireless remote with up, down and flat controls. 
  • Preset Anti-Snore, Zero Gravity and Flat positions. 
  • Two (2) programmable positions.



Reverie 9T Adjustable Bed

$8,995.00 Regular Price
$6,495.00Sale Price
  • Reverie's 3D-Wave technology is truly revolutionary. Using the scientific principle of resonant frequency, we developed a more dynamic massage with a circular motion not found on other massage furniture. It’s also gentler and quieter.

    No crude shaking of the bed or bruising shiatsu. Just a travelling, zen motion that increases blood flow and circulation. And because we’re Reverie®, we designed it so you can adjust it to your own needs. Up to four wave patterns at your beck and call, plus 10 levels of intensity.